Brocoli, A Vegetable that Contains Rich Benefits

During pregnancy is important for a mother to maintain food intake. Because what the mother eats, the food for the prospective baby as well. It seems important to pay attention to every food that will be consumed. Starting from choosing the food, process them, to eat them. It is advisable to eat lots of fresh vegetables to meet nutritional needs during pregnancy.
As we know in fresh vegetables indeed there are many important nutrients for pregnant women. One type of vegetable should be consumed by pregnant women is a vegetable broccoli. Why is broccoli? Because in green vegetables this one a lot of benefits for pregnant women. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database6, one cup of broccoli can provide more than 100% of a person’s daily requirement for vitamin C and vitamin K, and is also a good source of vitamin A, folic acid and calcium.
Then the iron is one mineral that is found in broccoli. Iron that can assist in the production of blood cells is needed by pregnant women to prevent anemia. Because during pregnancy the mother’s blood production are widely used to support the growth of unborn fetus.
Pregnant women are also susceptible to osteoporosis, this is due to the formation of fetal bones and teeth absorb calcium derived from calcium consumed by the mother. Then during pregnancy is very important to increase the intake of calcium. Broccoli vegetable could be the right choice to get the calcium.
In addition to pregnant women who run many outdoor activities it is advisable to increase the consumption of vegetables broccoli. Exposure to UV rays can cause inflammation and damage to the skin during pregnancy. The researchers stated glucoraphanin and broccoli are rich in sulforaphane that minimizes inflammation of the skin and skin damage.
Because the content of sulforaphane in broccoli, then the broccoli is an antioxidant or anticancer. So many consume broccoli during pregnancy could protect both the mother and the baby in the womb to the deadly cancer disease. And the important thing to note is when the processing of broccoli, do not get too ripe. Because it can eliminate the nutritious substances contained in broccoli. However, not everyone is suitable to eat broccoli, not a few people who experience a skin rash caused by eating this vegetable.
So many benefits provided by the vegetable broccoli may be the primary choice for pregnant women to consume daily. However, again reminded that it would be nice if pregnant women consult with a gynecologist of confidence in order to obtain maximum results.

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