What is Insemination

One partner efforts in improving the success rate of pregnancy is with the effort INSEMINATION INTRA uterine. This effort is a simple technique that can easily be done on the menstrual cycle of women, especially in the fertile period.

The main indication for this is the insemination program,

Mild sperm problems (oligo / astheno / teratozoospermiaringan)
The viscosity of cervical problems
Dysfunction eksual
Problems with long-distance couples
Fertility treatment failure recurring problem
Unexplained Infertility
This is a requirement for a minimum number of insemination prewashed 10 million sperm / cc, one of the fallopian tubes must be at least open (patent).

Initial Procedures

Insemination is generally starts with the egg maturation process with both drinking and drug administration hormone injections. The goal is the cycle of the number and size of the usual month. Protocols generally vary between clinicians and kondisimedis. Monitoring of eggs is generally done through a transvaginal ultrasound. Sometimes hormone tests to determine the maturity of the eggs need to be done By the time the egg has reached the ideal size and wall lining of the uterus has also reached a thick enough, the patient will be asked to do a drug injecting an egg breaker. Two days after the insemination will be performed. As an additional option insemination can be repeated as much as 2x the fertile period. It depends on the clinical condition. Generally, this process only increases the success rate slightly so it is not a routine thing to do.

Currently husband insemination will be asked to provide a sperm sample which is generally through a process of masturbation in the morning. Sperm are washed by centrifuging process for several hours. Once ready the sperm to be inserted into the catheter to be transferred into the uterine cavity. This process generally does not take a long time and not too difficult. Constraints are generally terjadia dalah access catheters are sometimes narrow. Once the patient will be asked to put on your back for 15 minutes and allowed to go home.

Level of success

Insemination success rates vary widely, especially depending on the woman’s age and the number of sperm available after centrifugation. This figure ranges from around 5-15%. This figure will increase with repetition of the cycle. The cumulative numbers will hover around 40% after 3 repetitions.
Costs associated with the program generally revolve around Rp2 million for one insemination outside of medicine and inspection. Generally patients are expected to prepare a budget of about 5 million.

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