What is Myoma Uteri?

Myoma uteri (fibroids) is a growing tissue in the human body related to the uterus is meat myometrium. The uterus is the female reproductive organ is composed of membranes of the uterus (endometrium), the meat of the uterus (myometrium) and the outer lining of the uterus (serous). In the myometrium cells can occur that causes changes in the cells of the uterus flesh becomes hard (fibrosis).
Generally, 25% of Asian women have a tendency to have myoma. Most of these uterine myoma does not cause symptoms and problems. In women who complain of symptoms usually associated with the number of menstrual many, irregular, pain and difficulty having children.
Myoma although not directly related to diet and lifestyle but it is proven that women who are obese, lack of exercise, high cholesterol content and difficulty having a child will have an increased risk of the occurrence of the incidence of uterine myoma.
Layout and location are often the growth is in the cavity of the uterus myoma (fibroids Geburt) under the lining of the uterus (submucosal) in the flesh of the uterus (intramural) and in the skin of the uterus (serosal).
Of symptoms and location of myomas location complained the doctor will determine which are the most ideal therapy. The principle of therapy always starts with treatment drugs. Especially on menstrual complaints that many doctors can provide non-hormonal therapy. Sometimes hormonal therapy should be given to women with myomas.
In conditions where fertility is still needed, generally doctors will offer the option of major surgery such as laparotomy. Now advances in medical technology have demonstrated the technique of laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery) has had the same end result with major surgery. There are limitations in which laparoscopy can not be done is generally related to the size of the uterus that has been greatly enlarged.
When you have discussed with your doctor and consider a hysterectomy to dismiss the symptoms, laparoscopy option it is possible to accelerate the recovery period.
ROBOTIC SURGERY is the most advanced type of surgery that can clean myomas in detail through minimally invasive surgery. This technique will provide extraordinary access to the surgeon to evaluate the wound and field operations.
Non-surgical options can still be considered especially in patients who do not want surgery. RS Mother would have adopted the technology to use a catheter embolization of uterine arteries, where blood vessels that supply the fibroids can be corked. Patients do not require surgery scars at all.

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